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          There are many types of vibration sensors, we take a look at the characteristics of the electric inertial sensors.
                 Inertial sensors by a fixed electric portion, the movable portion and the support portion composed of a spring. In order to shift the sensor in the sensor state, the mass of the movable portion to be sufficiently large, and the supporting spring stiffness should be small enough so that the sensor has sufficiently low natural frequency.
                 From the structure of the sensor, the sensor is an inertial electric displacement sensor. However, since the output of the electrical signal is generated by electromagnetic induction, according to the law of electromagnetic induction, the relative movement of the coil when in a magnetic field, the electromotive force induced in the coil is proportional to the cutting speed of the magnetic field lines. Therefore the output signal of the sensor, the induced electromotive force is proportional with the measured vibration velocity, so it is actually a speed sensor.
                 My company specializes in manufacturing vibration sensors, advanced equipment, first-class quality, rich category, welcome to inquire.

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