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          Add:No.455,Shichang Road, Hi-tech Development Zone,Weihai,Shandong,China

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          Digital geophones are mainly used in petroleum, mining, geological exploration.
          PS-X: This series of high sensitivity, damping and sensitivity consistency; distortion for deeper seismic exploration of various methods.
          PS-XB: False having the higher frequencies, high frequency, the phase difference is small, has a high dynamic resolution. Suitable for seismic exploration of a variety of environments.
          PS-XD: small size, light weight, technical indicators stability, high accuracy, good dynamic performance, long life and can be used interchangeably with the 20D, mainly for oil exploration.
          PS-XS: rational design, frequency bandwidth, rich signal acquisition; distortion, superior performance, stability, high precision indicators. The exact method for a variety of seismic exploration. Digital detector for temperature range: -40 ℃ - +70 ℃.

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